Core Power Energy COPE®

COPE® is a fusion of selected modern and ancient concepts that delivers the recipient a greatly enhanced capability to perform, create and deliver, whatever professional or personal goals that are required.

COPE® coaching consists of a course of an initial six, 1 hour sessions for an individual or a series of ten, 1 hour workshops for groups of between two and 8 people. That is then followed by 1 hour reinforcement sessions once a month for 3 months and then once every 3 months for the remainder of the year. This delivers strong embedded behaviour that reinforces and...

Re-energises the participants to help them deliver consistent high levels of performance, motivation and creativity for the long term.

COPE® is a process of development and learning that will give your staff at all levels greater awareness, empowerment, motivation energy and productivity. It will produce happier more relaxed colleagues who will stay longer, work better and adjust to change and new concepts in a flexible and positive manner.

COPE®, if integrated into your workforce’s development will give you the staff and management that will help improve profitability, retention and innovation.

COPE® utilises, among others, the following techniques in an innovative and effective manner: NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Self relations work, Contemporary Psychotherapy, Accelerated learning, ALERT Active Listening techniques, Advanced Sales and Communications protocols.

Bruce Lawson
Creator COPE®